Smetana: Dalibor

LABELS: Supraphon
WORKS: Dalibor
PERFORMER: Jindrich Jindrák, Vilém Pribyl, Nadezda Kniplová; Prague National Theatre Chorus & Orchestra/Jaroslav Krombholc
CATALOGUE NO: 11 2185-2 AAD Reissue
Smetana’s third opera has often been accused of being dramatically static, but Mahler admired it and Dvorák learned a great deal from its infectious lyricism, much of it rich in pre-echoes of Má vlast. Based on an improbable medieval tale of enmity turned to love, the opera is always captivating and at times genuinely stirring. The principals are excellent and Krombholc directs his National Theatre forces with persuasive flair. Jan Smaczny