Albrechtsberger, Leopold Mozart, Wagenseil & Michael Haydn

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COMPOSERS: Albrechtsberger,Leopold Mozart,Wagenseil & Michael Haydn
ALBUM TITLE: Collection: Trombone Concertos
WORKS: Works by Albrechtsberger, Leopold Mozart, Wagenseil & Michael Haydn
PERFORMER: Northern Sinfonia/Alain Trudel (trombone)
CATALOGUE NO: 8.553831
Naxos, well known for good value, presents us here with the entire Classical concerto repertoire for trombone. It is ironic that this only consists of the two authentic concertos by Albrechtsberger and Wagenseil, since the Mozart and Haydn works are the result of what must be described as some wish-fulfilling research, having been assembled from the trombone contributions to two divertimenti, each of nine movements, written for the Salzburg court.


Alain Trudel, whose past recordings reveal a versatile and resourceful musician, adopts an appropriate style galant for the mainly lightweight material and with the help of a special trill-valve makes light work of the ornamentation which is normally such a burden to trombonists in the Classical repertoire. Among brass recordings it is unusually relaxing and elegant. Christopher Mowat