Dall’Oglio, Lolli, Nardini, Stratico: Violin Concertos by Dall’Oglio, Lolli, Nardini & Stratico

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COMPOSERS: Dall’Oglio,Lolli,Nardini,Stratico
LABELS: Archiv
WORKS: Violin Concertos by Dall’Oglio, Lolli, Nardini & Stratico
PERFORMER: Giuliano Carmignola (violin); Venice Baroque Orchestra/ Andrea Marcon
CATALOGUE NO: 477 6606


 These are tautly constructed and expressively engaging concertos by composers of the generation following Vivaldi, whose idiom by the way seldom comes to mind. Rather, it is that of Tartini, and  never more so than in the cantabile style of the expansive and lyrical slow movements. Who better to disclose the poetic utterances of these pieces with their highly developed esprit de fantaisie than Giuliano Carmignola?

I cannot think of any other violinist at the moment who feels this music with such depth and delicacy of expression and who can sustain the melodic line in a manner which mirrors the sustained style of an operatic aria. The Largo of the Dall’Oglio and the Grave of the Stratico concertos provide superlative examples.

All four composers were renowned violin virtuosos and this perhaps shows in the fiery passagework and brilliant virtuosic gestures of the outer movements. To my ears this music is every bit as rewarding as that of some better known contemporaries such as Locatelli. 


Transitional periods are usually fascinating and this one, bridging the Baroque and Classical is no exception. The Venice Baroque Orchestra under Andrea Marcon’s direction offers sympathetic and crisp support, setting the seal on an excellent release. Nicholas Anderson