Mozart: Symphonies Volume 4

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5.0 out of 5 star rating 5.0

LABELS: Dacapo
WORKS: Symphonies: Nos 12-14; in C, KV96
PERFORMER: Danish National CO/Adam Fischer
CATALOGUE NO: 6.220539


The four symphonies on this disc were all composed by the 15-year-old Mozart for Italian orchestras. Already the complete professional, he wrote with the needs of particular orchestras or even individual players in mind. The results, as we hear them on this fourth volume of Adam Fischer’s series, are fun, bracing, and quite unmemorable. It was still several years before the stupendous talent would shift into incomparable genius.  

Fischer’s Danish players perform with energy, a certain refreshing rawness and, when required, a nicely tapering phrase. The recording is quite close and detailed but not oppressive. The most substantial of the four pieces is the last, in A major, and already shows the way that Mozart felt about that key, one in which some of his loveliest works are composed. This has a fairly ambitious first movement, and a rousing finale. 


Fischer gives us his thoughts on the symphonies in the booklet. Of the first movement of Symphony No. 14 he writes: ‘I am standing on the beach. The water in the bay is blue, so is the sky. Two ducks swim by, the smaller, with some delay, imitating each movement of the larger one. In the distance gulls are flying.’ Some people may find that more helpful than I do. Michael Tanner