Vivaldi: Flute Concertos, RV 84, 86, 92, 312, 428, 441 & 445

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LABELS: Marc Aurel
WORKS: Flute Concertos, RV 84, 86, 92, 312, 428, 441 & 445
PERFORMER: Dorothee Oberlinger (recorder); Ornamente 99
As well as three concertos for flautino, or sopranino recorder, and strings, and two more for treble recorder and strings, Vivaldi composed a variety of other pieces in which the recorder plays a prominent role. Dorothee Oberlinger has cast her net wide and come up with a programme that illustrates the expressive diversity of Vivaldi’s writing for these members of the recorder family. She plays only one of the three catalogued sopranino concertos (RV 445); the remainder of her menu consists of the more interesting of the two concertos for treble recorder (RV 441), the celebrated Il gardellino (Goldfinch), which Vivaldi included in his printed set of transverse flute concertos (Op. 10), but for which a sopranino recorder is preferred here, two chamber concertos (RV 84 and 92), a reconstruction of a rarely encountered violin concerto for which the composer seems earlier to have had a sopranino recorder in mind (RV 312), and a trio sonata for treble recorder and bassoon (RV 86). Oberlinger plays with dazzling virtuosity and a sportive caprice which lend charm to each and every one of the pieces. And her sense of fun is mirrored by some excellent partnerships with the players of Ornamente 99. Especially rewarding for me is the A minor Trio Sonata, a fine piece which is executed with imagination and unaffected charm. Nicholas Anderson