Beethoven: The late piano sonatas: Nos. 27-32

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COMPOSERS: Beethoven
LABELS: Philips
WORKS: The late piano sonatas: Nos. 27-32
PERFORMER: Alfred Brendel (piano)
CATALOGUE NO: 438 374-2 ADD (2 discs) (1971/74/75)
Brendel’s second complete survey of the Beethoven sonatas, recorded for Philips during the early Seventies, redefined pianistic absolutes of technical and spiritual mastery. As these late sonatas confirm, Brendel’s matchless wisdom in this repertoire is still astounding. His legendary 1971 Hammerklavier, now in digitally refurbished sound, is yet more compelling than before. An aura of transcendent benediction and repose surrounds his rapt account of the final Sonata, Op. 111. The closing Arietta draws a final veil of completeness across the entire cycle; for Beethoven, the culmination of three decades of epic discovery. Heroic, consolatory, spiritually enriching, and absolutely essential listening! Michael Jameson