Boccherini: String Quartets, Op. 32

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COMPOSERS: Boccherini
LABELS: Teldec Das Alte Werk
WORKS: String Quartets, Op. 32
PERFORMER: Esterházy Quartet
CATALOGUE NO: 4509-95988-2 ADD (1977)
Boccherini is widely credited with ‘inventing’ the string quintet (and that quite independently of his contemporaries, the great Viennese Classical masters). His string quartets, including the Op. 32 set recorded here (they appear in the composer’s meticulous autographic listing of works commenced after 1760), are no less significant. Happily undemanding, unexpectedly imaginative and totally captivating, these six quartets are ably performed by the Esterházy Quartet, on instruments of the period. These 1976 recordings, already distinguished on LP, emerge with vivid transparency in these digitised transfers. Hardly music destined to change your life, its true, but few rival versions have such polish, flair and genuine commitment. Michael Jameson