Chopin: Works for Piano and Orchestra

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WORKS: Works for Piano and Orchestra
PERFORMER: Alexis Weissenberg (piano)’; Orchestre de la Société des Concerts du Conservatoire/Stanislaw Skrowaczewski
CATALOGUE NO: CZS 7 67412 2 ADD (2 discs) (1967)
A combination of pedestrian pianism, undignified haste, ragged tuttis, as well as indifferent orchestral solos and structurally disruptive changes of tempo do nothing for this music. The remastered sound is less brittle than the LP originals, but it is still bass-heavy, with unfocused mid-range and shallow top end. There are also audible ‘razor-blade’ edits by the dozen.


Occasionally there is a glimpse of the famed Weissenberg genius, but this is just not enough. He lacks the aristocratic poise of a Rubinstein or an Arrau. Instead, for a good-value modern alternative, I would recommend the budget-priced digital Chopin cycle from Idil Biret on Naxos. Ates Orga