Coleridge-Taylor: Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast; The Bamboula

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COMPOSERS: Coleridge-Taylor
LABELS: EMI Eminence
WORKS: Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast; The Bamboula
PERFORMER: Bournemouth SO & Chorus/ Kenneth Alwyn
CATALOGUE NO: CD EMX-2276 (1984)
For many years, Hiawatha vied in popularity with Elijah and Messiah among English choral societies, but it has failed to hold its place. If a little too casual and easy-going to grip the imagination, it nevertheless exhibits freshness, clarity and unpretentious charm, and Coleridge-Taylor’s inventiveness never deserts him, all touchingly apparent in this fine performance. As a makeweight, The Bamboula shows the composer in vigorously tuneful form. Anthony Payne