Collection: 16th-Century Italian & French Dance Music

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COMPOSERS: Anonymous,Azzaiolo,Monteverdi,Pesson
LABELS: Boston Skyline
WORKS: 16th-Century Italian & French Dance Music
PERFORMER: Musica Reservata/Michael Morrow
CATALOGUE NO: BSD 123 ADD (1970/71)


This Boston Skyline label reissues pioneering recordings. Musica Reservata is at its most colourful in these pieces from 1971. The agile poise of the pavane ‘La bataille’ (better here than in David Munrow’s recording from the same year), and the folksy and funny yelling of Jantina Noorman in ‘El marchese di Saluzzo’, are unforgettable. The galliards on ‘La traditora’ and ‘Dont vient cela’ exude a quiet, balletic sensuality and suggest, as someone once said, that dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire. Anthony Pryer