Collection: Renaissance Lute Music

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LABELS: Archiv
PERFORMER: Konrad Ragossnig (lute)
CATALOGUE NO: 447 727-2 ADD (1974-76)


Lutenists will not be at one regarding Konrad Ragossnig’s approach to music of the Renaissance and Baroque. Indeed, it does seem rather odd to play pieces from eight countries, covering a period between approximately 1500 and 1650 on one instrument. But, while the consequent loss of tonal variety and affective nuance is regrettable, it should not overshadow the merit of what turns out to be a fascinating grand tour of European lute music.


Ragossnig begins in England with an attractive selection of pieces, several of which are contained in the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book. Thence he sets sail for Italy, and onward to Spain, Poland, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands and France. With regular breaks for refreshment, watering the horses, or whatever, the journey should make wide appeal. Nicholas Anderson