Debussy: 12 Études; Estampes; L’isle joyeuse

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5.0 out of 5 star rating 5.0

WORKS: 12 Études; Estampes; L’isle joyeuse
PERFORMER: Martino Tirimo (piano)
CATALOGUE NO: 30367 00182 DDD (1990)
That his Debussy cycle should start with the composer’s last, and most underrated piano work, the Études, indicates that Martino Tirimo must regard this consummate masterpiece very highly indeed. These ‘studies’ require a performer who understands that mastering their fearsome technical difficulties is only the first step towards realising Debussy’s intentions. Tirimo is more than equal to the challenge. He combines the requisite virtuosity with a profound sensitivity to the evocative poetry that Debussy creates within the uncharacteristic bounds of the self-imposed limitations on his compositional palette. The rather clear-cut interpretations of Estampes and L’isle joyeuse provide a generous, if less successful coupling. Christopher Dingle