Franck: Symphony in D minor; Psyché et Eros

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3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0

LABELS: DG Galleria
WORKS: Symphony in D minor; Psyché et Eros
PERFORMER: Berlin PO/Carlo Maria Giulini
CATALOGUE NO: 439 523-2 DDD (1987)
Whilst Giulini undoubtedly brings a certain patrician gravity to the Franck Symphony, his constant efforts to wrest the last ounce of emotion from every bar cause the performance to flounder haphazardly. But for those who can tolerate Giulini’s irritatingly wayward posturing, there are major compensations: the Berliners play with total conviction, recorded sound is serviceable, and the filler, the fourth movement of Franck’s quasi-symphony Psyche, is an ideal choice. Definitely a disc to persevere with. Michael Jameson