Kreisler, Leclair, Kreisler, Locatelli

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COMPOSERS: Kreisler,Leclair,Locatelli
LABELS: Mercury Living Presence
ALBUM TITLE: Collection: Szeryng Plays Kreisler
WORKS: Caprice viennois; Schön Rosmarin; Liebesleid; Liebesfreud; Praeludium and Allegro; Tambourin chinois; Violin Sonata No. 3; Melodie; Locatelli: The Labyrinth
PERFORMER: Henryk Szeryng (violin)Charles Reiner (piano)
CATALOGUE NO: 434 351-2 ADD(1963)
Henryk Szeryng and Charles Reiner taped this recital in 1963, for the Mercury Living Presence label. Using revolutionary three-track equipment, the recording director, Wilma Cozart, and chief engineer, Robert Fine, achieved unprecedented fidelity and dynamic range, throughout a series of legendary LP issues which became bywords for excellence among a generation of hi-fi buffs.


Three decades later, this outstanding CD testifies eloquently to the prodigious results obtained. One need hardly add that Henryk Szeryng’s accounts of these Kreisler bon-bons are masterly. He brings to these delectable miniatures much of the sparkle and inimitable Gemütlichkeit of the master himself. A treasure of a reissue. Michael Jameson