Mozart: Wind Quartets & Quintets

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

WORKS: Wind Quartets & Quintets
PERFORMER: Amadeus Quartet
CATALOGUE NO: 437 137-2 ADD (1969-77)
Some of the four flute quartets on these discs are of problematical authenticity, but are nonetheless very pretty, whereas the Oboe Quartet, Horn Quintet and Clarinet Quintet are great and unique masterpieces. These performances by the Amadeus Quartet and Friends are very fine for their time and place, but are markedly different from the kind of sound we have become used to receiving with 18th-century horns, clarinets or flutes. Since there are many people who are not enamoured of Mozart on period instruments, they will surely attract a large and enthusiastic following. Needless to say, the DG sound is flawless. HC Robbins Landon