Mozart, Blavet, Naudot, Rameau, Taskin, ClŽrambault, Satie, Haydn & Beethoven

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COMPOSERS: Blavet,Clerambault,Haydn & Beethoven,Mozart,Naudot,Rameau,Satie,Taskin
ALBUM TITLE: Collection: Musiques Maonniques
WORKS: Masonic Music by Mozart, Blavet, Naudot, Rameau, Taskin, Clérambault, Satie, Haydn & Beethoven
PERFORMER: Daniel Barenboim, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Roger Norrington, Wolfgang Sawallisch, Aldo Ciccolini, etc
CATALOGUE NO: CZS 5 69567 2 ADD/DDD 1958-90
Re-packagings of the back-catalogue are becoming increasingly tenuous. Mozart was a Mason. So was the clarinettist Stadler. Does it follow that every clarinet work is Masonic? Schiller may have had a Masonic subtext when writing the Ode to Joy, but Beethoven surely had much broader intentions.


Although the works by lesser-known composers are interesting, the collection remains an unsatisfying conglomeration. Furthermore, most performances are on the weaker side of poor and the booklet is only in French. Christopher Dingle