El Nuevo Tango de Buenos Aires

COMPOSERS: Astor Piazzolla
LABELS: Milan Sur
WORKS: El Nuevo Tango de Buenos Aires
PERFORMER: Astor Piazzolla
CATALOGUE NO: 74321 34270-2


Astor Piazzolla demonstrates the most broad-brushed playing, as half the CD comes from film soundtracks. The first track, ‘Vuelvo al sur’, with its booming piano bass and tragic, hard-bitten vocal from Roberto Goyeneche, hovers on the edge of parody, but the classic melody, strong enough to carry a movie, keeps it real.

One of Piazzolla’s last concerts, from Lausanne in 1989, makes up the rest of the disc, and it is a very different, highly speculative affair. ‘Camorra II’ sounds as if it comes straight out of the Stravinsky Symphony in Three Movements.


There are tango tone poems, one of them so fragmented that it would pass for a deconstruction if it were less strongly rooted.