Tranquility: Music for Peace & Harmony (aka A Musical Harmony)

LABELS: Sona Rupa
PERFORMER: Abhijit Pohankar (keyboard), etc


 Conceived in Leicester and born in Mumbai, TRANQUILITY is the third in the UK-based Sona Rupa’s series of languid and lavish meditations on traditional ragas – a personal take on ‘light classical’ Indian music. The first two, in the hands of music director Ashit Desai, came out with a beguiling sweetness like his devotional albums for Navras.

This time with keyboard player Abhijit Pohankar in charge there’s a leaner sound and a greater freshness about the solos, especially Rakesh Chaurasia’s flute. Star track features the swarlin, a bowed instrument of skin and wood that sounds like a viola with a touch of sarangi tone.


Apparently it’s the only one, having been in the player, Rajendra Singh’s family since the 19th century, but it has such a wonderful tone that it will surely come into more demand. As usual the musicianship is consistently fine.