Bach, Chick Corea, Mozart, Paganini: Various

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2.0 out of 5 star rating 2.0

COMPOSERS: Bach,Chick Corea,Mozart,Paganini
LABELS: Acoustic Music
WORKS: Various
PERFORMER: Ulas Hazar (saz), various musicians
CATALOGUE NO: 31914092

Ulas Hazar is another Turk who has settled in Germany. Virtuoso is the justified title of the (very short) CD he has recorded to show all the things of which the saz – Turkey’s long-necked fretted lute – is capable. He can deliver Bach, Mozart, Paganini and Chick Corea – not to mention a gutsy flamenco, and all at the same frantic pace. But why bother? The real beauty of this instrument’s dusty sound makes only a fleeting appearance. Michael Church