Inspired by the plight of the Catholic Martyrs from Henry VIII and Elizabeth, 'Faith of our Fathers' is a Catholic hymn, written in 1849 by Frederick William Faber. It is published in 802 hymnals and usually sung to the tune St. Catherine by Hemy.


Although raised in a strict Calvinistic family and ordained in the Church of England in 1839 Faber entered the Roman Catholic Church in 1845 and ended up writing 150 hymns for the church.

'Faith of Our Fathers' lyrics

Faith of the martyrs, living still
in spite of dungeon, fire, and sword;
oh, how our hearts beat high with joy
whene’er we hear that glorious word!

Faith of the martyrs, holy faith,
we will be true to thee till death.

The martyrs chained in prison cells
were still in heart and conscience free,
and bless’d would be their children’s fate
if they, like them, should die for thee! [Refrain]


Faith of the martyrs, we will love
both friend and foe in all our strife,
and preach thee, too, as love knows how,
by saving word and faithful life! [Refrain]