Was Frère Jacques about a lazy monk? It is thought the French nursery rhyme 'Frère Jacques' is about a friar who has overslept and forgotten to ring the bells for the matins. It is thought to date to around 1780.


Did you know the Austrian composer Gustav Mahler's march in the third movement of his Symphony No. 1 is based on the song ? The idea was to depict a procession of animals attending a hunter’s funeral.

Frère Jacques English lyrics

Are you sleepingAre you sleeping?Brother JohnBrother John?Morning bells are ringingMorning bells are ringingDing ding dongDing ding dong

Frère Jacques French lyrics

Frère JacquesFrère JacquesDormez vous?Dormez vous?Sonnez les matinesSonnez les matinesDing ding dongDing ding dong


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