What is the music in Series 3 of Stranger Things?

The sixth episode of season three stands out, musically, thanks to its use of a track from a Philip Glass opera...


Netflix’s hit fantasy drama Stranger Things reaches operatic new heights in the sixth chapter of its recently released third series.


The eagle-eared among you may have noticed the producers plumping for a bit of Philip Glass to underscore the episode’s final scenes, forgoing the usual (and brilliant) original score by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. 

That said, the show often brings in period (ie ’80s tunes) at key moments.

Though not from the ’80s, music from Act II of Glass’s opera Satyagraha (2001) added a curious dramatic sheen to scenes both apocalyptic and grizzly.

It was a key moment in the story, as the psychic young hero ‘L’ used her power to discover the hiding place of the hideous ‘Mind Flayer’ (a creature born of a parallel world known as ‘The Upside Down’).


The recording, featuring New York City Opera, was front and centre in the action and continued right through the credits.