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Who wrote the theme tune for Love Island?

If you’re not watching the summer of sport which the UK is currently enjoying, then you’re probably watching Love Island. Michael Beek dishes the dirt on the show's music...

love island theme tune - who wrote it
Published: June 20, 2021 at 1:42 pm

If you’re not watching the summer of sport which the UK is currently enjoying, then you’re probably watching Love Island. ITV’s smash hit dating show continues to draw a large audience, who lap up the poolside frolics, beautiful bods and general sauciness.


What’s the music like on Love Island?

The show features some ‘bangin’ original music, which has been composed especially. There’s no mistaking its inspiration – the hot and sweaty clubs of Ibiza where thousands flock to let it all go. Yes, Love Island’s theme tune and music is a love note to the classic ‘Dance Anthem’.

And who wrote the music for Love Island?

The theme tune, bumpers and stings etc were written by composer/producers Andrei Basirov and Toby Jarvis. They’re part of ‘A-Mnemonic’, a London-based creative agency which specialises in creating original music and audio branding. They make music and sounds for TV shows, radio stations, advertising and more.

Hang on, what’s a bumper and a sting?

A bumper is the little bit of music you hear just before and after an ad-break. Stings are snippets of incidental music that appear within the show itself; so if someone has slipped over on a nine-inch heel with a glass of prosecco in their hand, there will probably be a bit of music to cushion the fall. Or if there’s a massive argument and looks could kill? That’s ripe for a sting, too.

What else have they written music for?

Basirov and Jarvis are very busy boys, and so are the team at A-Mnemonic. You’ll have heard their work on all kinds of things, including the Radio 3 play Lady Windermere’s Fan, BBC One talent show I Can See Your Voice, ITV’s The Martin Lewis Money Show and every day in the jingles and branding on BBC Radio 6 Music.

Has the music for Love Island been released?

Sort of; a remix by iLL BLU featured on Ministry of Sound’s 2018 album Pool Party. There are some cracking playlists connected to the show on Apple Music and Spotify, too. Other than that, production music such as that composed at A-Mnemonic isn’t readily available.

Ministry of Sound – Love Island Pool Party 2018



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