Five unfinished masterpieces by Beethoven

A selection of some of the works Beethoven never completed


Eyeglasses duo for viola and cello


Discovered in his ‘Kafka Sketchbook’ (a collection of complete and incomplete works), this two-movement duo takes its name from the bespectacled performers it was written for.

Symphony No. 10

Fragmentary sketches for the Tenth’s first movement were assembled in 1988 by musicologist Barry Cooper.

Romance cantabile, WoO 207

This piece scored for piano, flute, bassoon and orchestra was supposedly intended to be used as a middle movement of a larger work.

Piano Concerto No. 6

The longest, most developed of his unfinished works, Beethoven made around 70 pages of sketches for the opening movement.

Violin Concerto in C

A 259-bar handwritten fragment of its first movement survives, which has been completed and published by several composers since its rediscovery c1870.


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