Welcome to the August issue of BBC Music Magazine, which celebrates the life and work of Puccini. We explore the history behind his revolutionary operas, and seven leading opera names tell us their favourites. Plus, we step back in time to explore the musical history of Notre Dame and its influence on western music.


In this month’s BBC Music Magazine Interview, American mezzo Jamie Barton talks with Clemency Burton-Hill about her life, her bold plans for her Last Night at the Proms performance and her goal to change the image of classical musicians. We also uncover Charlie Chaplin’s lesser known life as a composer, and Geoff Brown takes a look at visits to the opera house and concert hall in the movies.

This month’s issue brings you the tragic history that influenced Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 8, and the best recordings of the work. We also look at the life and work of our Composer of the Month, Barbara Strozzi. Plus, Richard Morrison argues that there’s still much to be learned from Victorians when it comes to classical music.


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