In our 200th anniversary special, Jessica Duchen explores the life and works of Clara Schumann. Duchen reveals her extraordinary achievements before six leading performers discuss their favourite Clara Schumann works. Schumann’s Piano Trio is featured on your cover CD this month alongside the Piano Trio by another great female composer, Fanny Mendelssohn.


In June’s BBC Music Magazine Interview, mezzo-soprano Rosalind Plowright talks to James Naughtie about her incredible career on stage. Plus, Isha Ranchod takes us to South Africa to discover the positive changes opera is bringing to underdeveloped communities.

Also this month, we uncover the real Alma Mahler and the effects of her unsettled upbringing, as seen through one of her recently discovered songs. We return to 19th-century Paris to reflect on how the can-can gained global fame through an opera by Offenbach.

This month’s issue also brings you the greatest recordings of JS Bach’s B minor Mass and we explore the life of Emmanuel Chabrier, our composer of the month.


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