London Symphony Orchestra appoints Antonio Pappano as Chief Conductor

Simon Rattle's replacement has been announced, with Antonio Pappano taking over from September 2024...

London Symphony Orchestra appoints Antonio Pappano as Chief Conductor
Published: March 30, 2021 at 10:10 am

The London Symphony Orchestra (one of the best orchestras in the world) recently revealed that Simon Rattle is stepping down from the podium for a new appointment in Germany. Cue much guessing as to who might take over the baton... Well, guess no more as the LSO has today revealed that Antonio Pappano will be its new Chief Conductor.


Officially starting from the 2024/25 season, Pappano will be Chief Conductor Designate from September 2023.

His appointment begins just months after he is to step down from his long-standing music directorship at the Royal Opera House, which comes to an end in July 2024.

He has already enjoyed engagements and recordings with the LSO, and is understandably delighted and looking forward to cementing that relationship further, stating...

'Since I first collaborated with the LSO in 1996 I have time and again been overwhelmed by the team spirit inherent in this fabulously talented group of musicians. The combination of a unique energy, flair and virtuosity has always set this orchestra apart. That I have been chosen as Chief Conductor is a dream come true and a most wonderful gift. I am humbled and excited to receive this honour and trust.

I am committed to keeping London as my musical home and look forward to this most important journey that awaits me, full not only of discovery but also of continued exploration of technological and broadcast opportunities to convey the message of music to an ever greater audience.'


Photo: Getty Images

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