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As much as we’d like to, we simply can’t report on every classical music event around the world. It’s rare, for instance, that we get a chance to write about some of the most exciting and intimate concerts in far-flung corners of the UK or in concert halls on remote Scandinavian islands. That's where you come in.


We are dedicating a new part of our website – 'You Review' – to reviews written by our readers. For our new weekly ­(or daily) feature, we would like to hear from you about a recent concert you have been to. Email us at youreview@classical-music.com with 200 words about the concert and include any pictures you manage to take (not during the performance itself, naturally). If you can include a star rating, even better.* Each month, we will publish our favourites in the magazine.

If you're looking for inspiration, why not visit the BBC Music Magaine blog to read recent concert reviews by members of the BBC Music team? Then it's time to book those tickets and scribble down some notes! We look forward to hearing from you…

*BBC Music Magazine reserves the right to edit any reviews in accordance with our style guide. We may substitute pictures if they do not meet publication standards. We cannot publish reviews that have been, or will be, published elsewhere


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