Are the 2021 BBC Proms going ahead?

Will the Proms take place this year in the Royal Albert Hall? Our up-to-date guide to everything we know about the 2021 BBC Proms season

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Will this year’s Proms season take place?

The BBC Proms is yet to announce whether the 2021 season will go ahead, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures. The BBC Proms usually takes place between July and September, with the vast majority of concerts taking place at the Royal Albert Hall. After the First Night of the Proms in July, Prommers can expect eight weeks of live concerts before the Last Night of the Proms in September.


If the BBC Proms go ahead with an in-person audience this year, we’ve outlined the various ways to buy tickets.

If you’re unable to attend the BBC Proms in person, every single Prom is broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and highlights are played on BBC TV.

You can catch up on the highlights from the 2020 BBC Proms on BBC iPlayer.

The Last Night of the Proms usually takes place in September, and has become a key part of the British social calendar thanks to its longstanding traditions and introduction of Proms in the Park.

The 2020 BBC Proms took place in the form of two months of archive concerts, which were broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and BBC Four. The final fortnight of the season finally saw a return to the Royal Albert Hall stage, albeit without an audience.

It wasn’t the first time the BBC Proms faced a challenge: in 1980, the Proms season opened with no orchestra as BBC musicians went on strike over plans to disband the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. In 1940, just as the Prom was about to take pace, the first wave of air-raids were launched on London.

If you’re hoping attend this year’s BBC Proms in person, check out our list of top tips.