What is Croatia's national anthem and when was it written?

Croatia's national anthem is 'Lijepa naša domovino' ('Our Beautiful Homeland') The lyrics were written by Croatian poet Antun Mihanović in 1835 but it would be nearly 140 years before it would be recognised as the country's official national anthem.


However it had often been used as an unofficial anthem at state occasions including the 1918 ceremony at the end of the First World War when Croatia formally dissolved its ties with Austria-Hungary.

Parts of the Croatian national anthem were also included in Yugoslavia's national anthem between 1918 and 1941 and it was the unofficial hymn of Croats.

Croatia's national anthem lyrics

Croatia's national anthem lyrics in English

Our beautiful homeland,
Oh so fearless and gracious,
Our fathers' ancient glory,
May you be blessed forever.

Dear, you are our only glory,
Dear, you are our only one,
Dear, we love your plains,
Dear, we love your mountains.

Drava, Sava, keep on flowing,
Danube, do not lose your vigour,
Deep blue sea, tell the world,
That a Croat loves his homeland.

Whilst his fields are kissed by sunshine,
Whilst his oaks are whipped by wild winds,
Whilst his dear ones go to heaven,
Whilst his live heart beats.

Original Croatian lyrics

Lijepa naša domovino,
Oj, junačka zemljo mila,
Stare slave djedovino,
Da bi vazda sretna bila!

Mila kano si nam slavna,
Mila si nam ti jedina,
Mila kuda si nam ravna,
Mila kuda si planina!

Teci, Dravo, Savo, teci,
Nit' ti, Dunav, silu gubi,
Sinje more, svijetu reci
Da svoj narod Hrvat ljubi


Dok mu njive sunce grije,
Dok mu hrašće bura vije,
Dok mu mrtve grobak krije,
Dok mu živo srce bije!